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Hi there, welcome to our page! We are Kindness Collective Nijmegen, a small group of people from Nijmegen, the Netherlands who do act of kindness for others. Here you can learn more about us. For our events and updates, see our Facebook group or our YouTube account .

Recently we finished a book about acts of kindness with a writer, called Eefke Peters, about the thanks e-mail and the Kindness Collective Nijmegen. With this book we want to inspire people to do kind things. With this book we give you tips on how you can participate in making the world a better place. The book is now ready to pre-order for 20EUR. If you are interested in a copy, please contact us through

Two of our members, Lerrie Grooten and Rosalie van Woezik were nominated for Nijmegenaar of the year. Rosalie was interviewed by Radio 5 about acts of kindness recently. She explained what acts of kindness are, and what kind of acts the Kindness Collective does during these events. You can listen to the interview here below.

Dr. Philip Zimbardo, founder of the hero project, supports our Kindness Collective. He recently made a video for us to share with others and encourage them to also do acts of kindness and raise their own kindness club. You can watch the video below. If, after watching the video, you want to create your own kindness club, please don't hesitate to contact us at

The local Nijmegen TV network, RN7, recently made a TV item about the acts of kindness of the Kindness Collective Nijmegen with two of our members, Tamara van Woezik and Lisa Kehne. In this video you can see them perform acts of kindness and explain their ideas and motivation for the Kindness Collective Nijmegen. You can watch the video below.

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We are the Kindness Collective Nijmegen. We are a group of enthousiastic people from Nijmegen, the Netherlands, who want to spread joy and kindness to other people in the world. By applying recent positive system research, we spread change by bridging the gap between academia and the real world.

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